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OK, what is the best movie by your measure. It doesn't have to be some academy award winner, big budget blockbuster, or well known. By best for you, I mean the sort of movie you want to watch over and over again.

One of my faves is The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. It is a 70's low budget movie where Martin Sheen terrorizes a 13 yr old Jody Foster who lives all alone in a big house in a sleepy little New England town. I was a teen in love with JF when this movie came out and as the story is set in the fall, I often watch it around Thanksgiving. If JF ever decided to become heterosexual and wants to date me, my wife may get lonely. :rolleyes:

More recent fare that I've watched many times and will continue to do so is The Blind Side. Very much a feel good movie.
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