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The best movies of all time...for you

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OK, what is the best movie by your measure. It doesn't have to be some academy award winner, big budget blockbuster, or well known. By best for you, I mean the sort of movie you want to watch over and over again.

One of my faves is The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. It is a 70's low budget movie where Martin Sheen terrorizes a 13 yr old Jody Foster who lives all alone in a big house in a sleepy little New England town. I was a teen in love with JF when this movie came out and as the story is set in the fall, I often watch it around Thanksgiving. If JF ever decided to become heterosexual and wants to date me, my wife may get lonely. :rolleyes:

More recent fare that I've watched many times and will continue to do so is The Blind Side. Very much a feel good movie.
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For me it's gotta be TOMBSTONE. Val Kilmer's Doc Holliday is my all time favorite. Probably watched it 100 times.

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I like Seven Samurai. It's the best movie of all time in my opinion.
Seven Samurai - never heard of it prior, but now that I've read a synopsis, I'll have to find a copy.
It's very, very good, but very long.

Ran, also by Kurosawa is a very close second. I very much like Japanese movies.
I like Seven Samurai. It's the best movie of all time in my opinion.
I tend to agree
It has it all, and I think the western adaptation, The Magnificent 7, was very good as well. If you watch the interview with the cast Yule Brenner talked about the conversion form eastern to western, and he nailed it dead on.
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