Unexplained Death

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    We had a pet pot belly pig that lived in our barnyard. He was just 2 yrs old. He has been acting fine, bowels & bladder operating properly, eating & drinking normally. We came home the other day & found him just dead in the corner of the barn.

    I loved that pig so much and am absolutely devastated. To have no explanation of what happened is so hard. Has anyone else experienced a sudden unexplained death in a pig like this?

    In our barnyard, we have 2 mini donkeys who never had a problem with the pig, 2 pygmy goats who at times would bully him & head butt him in the side, 4 ducks, 6 chickens & 2 roosters.

    In the last 2 wks, both of our bantam roosters passed away. They also were just found with no signs of trauma just keeled over dead. The oldest rooster was 2 & the youngest was a chick from this spring. They were found out in the pasture after a pretty cold Indiana night. I just figured they couldnt handle the cold weather & it killed them. Now with Wilbur dying it just makes me wonder if something is going on in the barnyard.

    We have no predators as we have the 2 donkeys who protect everyone. If it was a predator anyways I would have thought we would find signs of trauma, a struggle, feathers from the roosters....something, but nothing.

    I am worried that perhaps someone is coming around and some how poisoning them. Or could there be some sort of bacteria in our pasture??? I just am racking my brain & have no ideas. I am just heartbroken over the loss of these beloved pets.

    However, Wilbur pig dying has me more baffled than the tiny bantam roosters in the cold. I would love to hear thoughts from others.

    All I can figure right now is that possibly the goats cornered Wilbur in the barn & both head butted him in the side & it caused internal injuries & he died from that. I don't know what else could of happened to my happy, playful little pig.

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    It may be worth it for you to contact a veterinarian and requesting a necropsy. Is there is a potential of someone poisoning your animals, then what is next?