What kind of fencing to use?

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    My brother raised pigs for about 6 years until he gave them to me because he was to busy, I have been caring for the pigs for about 3 years now. I have the love/hate relationship with my pigs I like pigs but I hate that they are escape artists! I am sick and tired of chasing pigs around five times a day and told my family I was done caring for them. The problem is is that without pigs we don't get meat:( Which means someone has to raise them and I'm the only one that is able to. My family is OK with getting rid of the pigs for good but I love my pork and don't think I can give it up. Now my question is what kind of fencing do you use that is escape proof? I use electric wire but they never stay inside the fence! I was thinking about getting hog panelling but that seems expensive. Wood wouldn't work.

    Another thing is I own a sow, we bred her once and had 14 piglets we bred her in the spring and she had autumn babies they stayed on the farm all winter and I have never chased pigs that much in my life, I told my family that I wouldn't breed her again unless we got better fencing. Right now she is the only pig I am caring for, I want to breed her again but I don't want to be having to chase pigs around all day! I also have a full time job so I don't have as much time on my hands any more.
    Our ground is clay and it gets EXTREMELY muddy in the spring and autumn! I hate having the pigs live in mud, would making a pen with concrete work? It would be expensive but I think it would be worth it! I really want to be able to raise my own pigs again and a lot of people are wanting piglets these days! The breeder we used to get our pigs from was getting old and got out of pigs, so if I want any more pork I have to raise it myself but I need it to be easier!

    Sorry for all the questions and the long post! I am just really frustrated and don't know what to do any more!:(
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    I use ringlock and an electric wire inside the ringlock around a foot off the ground. Attached to ringlock via outriggers that have a porcelin disk with a hole through it to thread t the wire corner insulators to take it around the corner. Use wire strainers to fix and tighten it up so that it gives a good zap if they think they might go through it.

    for the sows to farrow. Get some pallets and put them in a rectangle, wire them together and add a star picket to each corner to prevent the sow from pushing them over. tin the outside using tech screws and then put a roof on that does not leak. make them 4 metres by say 2.5 metres wide. and the height of the pallet tall. is warm in winter and cool in summer. and they do well for farrowing huts. Put a door in that does not allow the cold winter chill in it.

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    They are different ways of proper fencing used by different farmers. One way I fence and recommend it to other pig farmers is to first start with a concrete wall in the bottom and follow it up with a bulb wire fence with an electric fence on top.