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What not to feed ?

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I'm still in the research phase of possibly owning a couple pigs. So was wondering is there anything pigs should NOT eat ?
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I would never feed ours meat but I know a number of folks that did/do. Extras from the garden was also boiled soft.

Dogs get meats/some bones
Chickens/pigs get extras from garden. (lettuce goes on to the chickens)
Compost pail for other things ... coffee, tea and herbs

I keep the ends off of squash and such to go into the chicken/pig pot.

Hope this helps.
If people can eat it, I can't think of an exception that pigs couldn't eat it as well. Pigs will also eat trimmings such as cantaloupe rind and pineapple rind. pigs will eat meat and benefit from it, no reason not to feed meat unless that is just your preference.

I think the key rule is all things in moderation and pigs are not known for self moderating. I read about an 800 lb boar nearly dying from eating a 5 gallon bucket of tomato sauce. Tomatoes are good for pigs but too much all at once and there is some chemical that causes a problem. Potatoes are similar, especially if not cooked.

Pigs are good at not eating bad things, like certain weeds, as long as they have plenty of other stuff to eat. But a hungry pig is a vacuum for just about everything including the kitchen sink.
What region are you in? Different regions have different plants that cause issues.
Raw potatoes are a general "no" for pigs (though they can have a little, just not much of their total intake as they can be poisonous raw, cooked are fine).

Beyond that, all veggie scraps from the kitchen go to our hogs, plus bread and eggs. I can't think of any other bad foods off the top of my head.

Good luck with your new pigs!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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