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I bought a gilt a couple months ago who I believe is getting ready to farrow any day now.....unfortunately the previous owner had no real date as to when she was bred so I’m having to look for signs, which has proven to be a pain in the rear. From what research I have done I believe she has been nesting and as of the last few days has only been picking through table scraps instead of her normal feed (which is not like her). I have tried getting milk out but nothing as of this morning but she does have a “milk line” that looks full but her teats themselves cannot express milk. Her vulva looks more swollen than normal but no discharge that I can see. Is there anything else I can look for as far as signs ? Is there a tell tale sign as far as the difference between “nesting” and making up a bed for herself ? I have laid shavings down as well as a small bit of straw but she always makes a bed so I’m not sure what to look for there other than it looks like a bed? Thanks in advance for any help/advice.
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