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Yep, he sticks his head in the hole and drinks, ther is another hole 180 degrees around the other side just like it for his brother to drink at the same time. The hole in the top is to fill it, it has a lid that twists on it to keep birds and such out of it. Under the holes that they drink from there is a 2" inch rubber plug you can easily pull to clean the drinking area out. The water is stored in the middle and has a float to moderate the water coming out. These waterers are made of a thick poly material that the pigs ain't supposed to be able to destroy, won't rust and is heater safe. It has two threaded rods that run thru it somehow that connect the base with the top.you have to back the rusty nuts off to separate the base and the top to access the float mechanisms. The only reason i haven't already pulled it apart is that I know when I try and back the nuts of the rods will snap. I let it freeze full of water last winter and the float no longer works, the water constantly runs out till it's empty. These are the reasons I am looking for parts. Of the different water tanks I have I think this is the best design as long as some ******* doesn't forget to plug in the tank heater. It's supposed to be cold Friday so I think I'll drag it into the shop and tear into it. I'll be sure to take pictures.
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